Head Chef, Jared Ng

A family background in seafood supply, it’s no surprise that Jared has become an expert in all things seafood. He’s trained at some of the most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, including 3 Michelin starred Joel Robuchon Restaurant and 3 Michelin starred Gion Sasaki Restaurant in Kyoto, Japan. Not to mention, he’s worked with Chef Andrew Walsh at 1 Michelin Starred Cure Restaurant and is now helming Catfish Restaurant under Chef Walsh’s guidance. Jared is constantly pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity, infusing local influences into classic dishes and prioritizing sustainability and zero wastage in his cooking.

Jared NG

Chef-owner, Andrew Walsh

The self-proclaimed workaholic who’s always cooking up a storm. He’s the mastermind behind Cure Concepts, which includes Cure, Butcher Boy, Ember Beach Club, Catfish Izakaya, and 87 Club Street. Basically, he’s like a culinary octopus, juggling multiple restaurants and he’s not afraid to think outside the box.

Chef Owner Andrew Walsh